Touchless Bottle Filler & Coolers for Emerald Coast Homes & Businesses

Culligan is now offering contactless coolers and bottle fillers! This is a great option if you want filtered, amazing tasting water, without touching any surfaces that could have dangerous pathogens. We have bottle fillers, stand-alone bottle fillers, and

Touch-Free Bottle Filler

  • Electronic sensor for touch-free activation
  • Built in bottle counter tracks the global impact of each refill
  • Built in LED monitor will alert when filters need changed
  • Programmable shut off feature controls how much water is used with each activation
  • Antimicrobial components are infused with FRESHIELD® to help fight against degradation caused by the growth of bacteria
  • Self-draining design does not require additional plumbing into the wall
  • Optional adaptor gasket allows the bottle filler to install onto today’s most common water coolers
100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Guarantee
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